In Deaflympics previous cycles to the current, the Portuguese participation in Deaflympics  Games has been achieved without the existence of a plan or multi-annual program of preparation and continuity and consistency in establishing goals and means of supporting the preparation of practitioners.

Nevertheless, the Portuguese Missions to Deaflympics  Games have recorded several excellent results in their participation.

However, the sports level of Deaflympics  Games has evolved qualitatively and so it is necessary that the athletes in hearing impairment area that show great potential as regards the achievement of success in participation in those games have the possibility of being integrated into a Deaflympics  Preparation Program that provides them with the necessary conditions for sporting excellence.

Thus arises the Deaflympics  Preparation Program Ankara in 2017, with effect from January 1, 2014, through which it aims to fundamentally plan, manage, monitor and evaluate the process of preparing for participation in Deaflympics  Games,continuously creating more conditions favorable for the preparation of athletes or national teams that have the conditions to achieve excellent results in those games.

This information is supplemented by reading the Sports Development Programme Contract No. CP157DDF2014 and Regulation of Deaflympics  Preparation Program