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The Paralympic Preparation Program, which is managed by the Paralympic Committee of Portugal (PPC), is the set of actions to develop for the preparation of Portugal's participation in the Paralympic Games, set against public financial support given by the Portuguese Institute of Sport and youth, IP (IPDJ) and the National Institute for Rehabilitation, IP (INR). This support is formalized through tripartite program contract signature granted by the three above mentioned entities.

From this Paralympic cycle (2013 - 2016), the Paralympic Preparation Program (PPP) will understand the "Paralympic Project 2016" and the project "Organization Mission to the Paralympic Games" (OMJP). PPP also becomes part of a plan that encompasses multiple Paralympic cycles, short, medium and long term, and that begins with the Paralympic Preparation Program 2016, further comprising editions of the 2020 and 2024 Paralympic Games.

The Paralympic Preparation Program also includes, as of now, in addition to "Project Rio 2016 Paralympic" and "Organization Mission to the Paralimpic Games," the "Project Paralympic Hopes" and the "Project Complementary Support".

The "Project Supplementary Support" is intended to complement support for the preparation of athletes in ways that involve greater financial outlay in terms of equipping and respective logistics.

The "Paralympic Hopes Project" aims to support the integration of new players in the PPP, with the aim of attracting young paralympic sport promises that show potential to come to integrate delegations to the Paralympic Games.


Regulation of the Paralympic Preparation Program

Athletes integrated into the Paralympic Preparation Program are covered by a Regulation, by which:

· They enjoy the status inherent in the high income scheme;

· They receive financial support for the preparation and in sports;

· Benefit the allocation of monthly scholarships (and coaches), with values of three different levels defined in terms of sporting results level.


The objectives of the Paralympic Preparation Program:

- Ensure the optimization of the preparation conditions of the athletes or teams who have expectations to achieve excellent results at the Paralympic Games Rio 2016;

- Ensure appropriate preparation conditions practitioners, teams or national teams with special talent, assuming that the PPP has a time horizon that lies beyond the participation in the 2016 Paralympic Games;

- Work on a scheduled basis, by objective, timely defined by the PPC and National Sports Federations, which are reviewed annually based on objective relationship "Support / Brand / share / Practitioner" (individual practitioner, team or selection);

- The PPC, in close coordination with the federations define a results completion rate at the Paralympic Games Rio 2016.

Notwithstanding the ongoing assessments to athletes, teams and modalities, with reference to their specific goals outlined in the respective specifications, after periods of international qualification, an evaluation of the integration of qualified and selected practitioners will be held in order to adjust, if necessary, its level of integration in Project 2016.

This information is supplemented by reading the Sports Development Agreement program No. CP / 284 / DDF / 2013 - Paralympic Games Rio 2016 and the Memorandum of Understanding between the IPDJ, INR and CPP.