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The Portugal Paralympic Committee has established a program contract with the Portuguese Institute of Sports and Youth (IPDJ). This contract intends to start a program to support the formation of sports classifiers in the various modalities.

In order to provide an appropriate response to the practice of sport by persons with disabilities, a system has to be created to minimize the impact of disability on sport performance and ensures that an athlete's success is determined by physical, emotional and training factors . This system is SPORTS CLASSIFICATION and provides the support structure for participation in sporting competition with total equity.


The sports classification:

      1. Determines who is eligible to compete in a particular sport or discipline;

       2. It groups the eligible athletes into sports classes according to their ability for the sport/ discipline.

        3. Classifiers are individuals trained and certified to be able to determine an athlete's sport class.



This program was created to promote the formation of international sport classifiers, through the frequency of formations supervised by accredited entities.